We are no longer doing mass distribution of technology.  If a student still needs a device, parents may contact the school, or email our Technology Specialist, Ms. Carranza at her address VCARRANZ@houstonisd.org, in order to  make arrangements to pick up technology. 


    A very limited number of hotspots are available.  Priority for hotspots will go to parents who listed "No Internet" on the HISD Home Survey.  


    Parents will be required to fill out a technology agreement form. If you have the ability to print from home, you can download the form here.  This will expedite the process of technology distribution.  For safety protocol, please bring your own pen.  You must also wear a mask.


    Tech Distribution FAQ:

    Do I have to use an HISD device?  No. You can use your own home laptop, desktop, or tablet.  However, some of the software students will use work better on laptops and desktops than tablets.

    What is the HISD Home Survey?  The HISD Home Survey was a survey that HISD parents filled out last year that indicated their technology needs.  We will base our initial distribution of technology on the response of the survey.

    If I didn’t fill out the survey last year, will my child be eligible for a device?   Yes, however, our initial distribution will go to those that replied “No Device” on the survey.  If you are new to HISD, you will have to register at Burbank and let us know of your technology needs. 

    What if I can’t come to Burbank at the designated days/times listed?  Don’t worry.   We will work with you to make other arrangements to pick up your device.

    What if my student was at Burbank last year and has a device from last year?  Do I need to return it? No.  Any 7th or 8th grader returning to Burbank that got a device last year, can keep the device they have.  They may return it if it is not working.  

    My child has a device from Burbank, but we won’t return to Burbank this year. Can I take the device to the new school?  No, you must return the device to Burbank.  The new school will issue you their own device.

    My 6th grader has a device from elementary school, can we keep that device?  No, you have to return any device from the elementary school to the elementary school.  Burbank will give you a Burbank device.

    We have only one home device, but two students.  Will each one of my students receive a device?  Your child must be enrolled in Burbank to get a device from Burbank.  Our goal is to give one device per Burbank student. 

    What safety measures will you have in place during technology distribution?  All our staff members are required to wear masks and follow safety protocols.  All parents and students must wear a mask when picking up their device.  Please bring your own pen in order to reduce the amount of contact.

    I don’t have internet.  What can I do? At this time, we do not have Wi-fi hotspots.  For students without internet, please refer to the information and list of internet providers below.

    For students who need internet access, we will do our best to supply hot spots. However, there are only a limited number of hotspots available. We strongly recommend families obtain their own internet service. Please check out these links for some various options for internet services as low as $10.00 per month.