ADA time is 11:00 AM.


    Students are expected to attend all scheduled class meetings via Microsoft Teams (on time and with a recommendation of video function activated) as well as submit assigned work by due dates via the HUB.

    Parents of students who have not been counted present by 3:30 pm for Average Daily Attendance (ADA) will receive a phone call/e-mail by 6:00 pm that same day. Students may recover that daily attendance by logging on to the HUB course and completing/working on HUB assignments by 11:59 pm that same day.


    If a student misses a class period, a note with a reason must be e-mailed by a parent or guardian to the Attendance Clerk Ms. Torres (Claudia.Torres@houstonisd.org) within the three-day HISD Attendance Policy to change the absence from unexcused to excused.  A student must be present for at least half the instructional time of the period to be considered present. 

    Students must attend at least 90% of each of their classes to receive credit.


    If at any point during the school year you have questions or concerns related to attendance, please contact Ms. Torres (Claudia.Torres@houstonisd.org).  Should your concern go unresolved, please contact your student’s Assistant Principal:


    Oscar Perez: Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts operez1@houstonisd.org
    Sean Tellez: Music, Creative Writing stellez1@houstonisd.org