• Steps for obtaining a recommendation from Mrs. Hill:


    Follow these steps AFTER receiving lesson about requesting recommendations from your English teacher (Casperson or Parker)



    1. Email me asking if I would be willing to write you a letter. If we barely talked last year, I don’t know you well enough to write one.  If you got bad grades, don’t let that deter you from asking me.  I don’t write letters just for A students.


    1. After I have said yes, email me the following information:
      1. The deadline (if it’s less than two weeks out, I probably can’t do it.)
      2. The type of letter (Naviance, uploaded to website, mailed, etc)
        1. Please note that if the letter needs to be mailed, you must provide and addressed envelope with a stamp.
      3. A summary of your AP Research/TPSP project that includes
        1. AP Research: your research question, method, results, impact to field/world/etc
        2. TPSP: your research question, product, impact to field/world/etc
      4. A list highlighting your most notable accomplishments (these could be in school or out)


    1. Remind me on a weekly basis until recommendation is complete.