• How Students Are Referred to the School Social Worker: 

    • School Personnel: Referrals can be made by filling out the staff only Social Work Services Form. 
    • Parents: Parents can refer by calling, texting, or emailing Mrs. Fisher to discuss student strengths and difficulties or to schedule a time to meet. Mrs. Fisher will respond within 2 school days. 
    • Students: Students can self-refer by speaking to Mrs. Fisher in the hallway, asking a teacher to email Mrs. Fisher, or if room 218 is closed, leaving student ID # and date on the door.

    Mrs. Fisher’s office is located in room 218, upstairs by the stairwell closest to the cafeteria. 


    E-mail: Lindsay.Fisher@houstonisd.org

    Phone: (832) 930-6814 - call/text

    Twitter: @_lfisher_