Interventions Office


  • Middle School Initiative   

    Middle school campuses will correctly identify intervention classes on master schedule as the reading elective course for the reading intervention class.

    The Interventions office will support school in creating a universal method of identification and providing all schools that serve students in grade 6-8 with the appropriate rosters of identified students.

    Assign an IAT Manager and ITDS to work directly with targeted middle school campuses.

    A “bell to bell” reading intervention model will be created that includes resources, grouping methodology, and overall structure/framework (Resources- SRW, Corrective Reading, Read to Achieve, Imagine Literacy, Imagine Math, and Edgenuity).

    Provide Professional Development (Virtual) for reading intervention teachers monthly.

    Work with campus coordinators to identify Tier 2 and Tier 3 overage students to participate in Level-up Program.

  • Interventions Instruction Support Plan

    Continue to work with campuses to provide online class support @Home. 

    Continue to design virtual lessons to address @Home and intervention classroom lessons for Tier 2 and Tier 3 students.

    Ongoing Professional Development (Virtual) for campuses, administrators, campus liaisons, teachers, and interventionists.

    Local and state compliance

  • Progress Monitoring 

    Select appropriate RTI progress monitoring tools to support campuses with progress monitoring aligned to PowerSchools.

    Align the progress monitoring documentation form to PowerSchools

    Provide training to campus leaders and teachers on progress monitoring including tools available, documentation, and data-driven decision making using weekly/biweekly progress monitoring data.

  • Student Impact

    Our office supports campuses with closing the student achievement gaps by targeting interventions based on their deficit skills. We help campuses identify students who are in need of intervention small groups focused on targeted skills.  We also support campus systems in identifying students who need additional services.

  • Staff Impact

    We build capacity of staff to identify and provide interventions addressing students’ deficit skills to increase student growth. We provide professional development, data, modeling/coaching, and facilitating PLCs. We help campuses distinguish between Tier I vs II/III instruction in an intervention setting and the impact on campus accountability.

  • Contact Us

    Interventions Office

    Stacey Court, Director

    Hattie Mae White Educational Center

    4400 West 18th Street

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    Chief Academic Officer: Shawn Bird

    Exec Officer: Khechara Bradford