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    BEFORE asking teachers for recommendation letters.....

    Please take some time to REFLECT upon what impression you made upon your junior teachers last year and be deliberate in selecting WHO you think will write you the best letter -- for the impression that you want to make with the colleges/universities that you are selecting!! 

    --> *my sincere recommendation to you* : do not ask teachers, via email, over the summer. PLEASE wait until the school year begins and until you have received the presentation (during your AP LIT class) on how you should ask for letters.


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    If you think that you would like to approach me for a recommendation letter, please review my expectations:


    • For me to consider your request, I must have taught you for at least 1 full school year. 
            (Or, in the case of clubs that I sponsor, I must have interacted with you substantially for at least 1 full year.)


    • ALSO:  I must have a minimum of 4 weeks in order to complete your letter(s). 
             (I am sorry, but I will not be able to accommodate "last minute" requests.)


      TO ASK ME:


    • You must send me a formal email, that indicates the following: 
      • Specification of letter type(s)  (Admissions vs. Scholarship, etc.)
      • Number of letters that you will likely need -- please be as exact as possible
      • Any known deadlines  (or estimates)
      • A short message that tells me why you think that a letter from me would be specifically advantageous to you.  


            ------>  OPTIONAL, but encouraged:  in your email, please feel free to include pictures of adorable dogs, cats, otters, elephants, ravens, etc.   

                         OR any lines of prose or poetry that specifically resonate with you.
                          (I just always enjoy these things!)



          WHAT COMES NEXT:



    •  IF I HAVE AGREED TO WRITE YOU A LETTER, please immediately email me back to confirm that we have talked and I have agreed to write a letter for you (because I have a file folder in my Outlook email that helps me to stay organized and I need to see this email from you).  IN RETURN, I will email you back with my own personal "Casperson Questionairre" that I want you to answer (& return to me) before I will write any letters for you.  Trust me, these questions help me quite a bit with my writing process. As soon as you can, please complete the questions that I email to you and send them back to me.   :) 


    • ALSO:  you need to send me this information AS SOON AS you are able to gather it:
      • Specification of letter type(s)  (Admissions vs. Scholarship, etc.)
      • Number of letters that you will likely need -- please be as exact as possible  -- and any letters beyond that will be considered a "new" request, and as such, you should not assume that I can accommodate them.  (Please -always- ask.)
      • Full "formal" names of all colleges/universities/programs that you will be applying to
      • ALL OF THE (published) DEADLINES & SPECIFIC SUBMISSION PROCESSES that are required by those schools
        • & yes, you may also include your "preferred" deadlines as well
        • In addition, it is your responsibility to make sure that I have all of the information that I need to complete the submission process. (Double-check with the admissions office of the schools if you are not able to find that information on your own.) 




    If you have found this page & made it this far....    THANK YOU for your interest!!

    And, throughout this process, I would like to say that I (very much) appreciate your patience.

    And, I wish for you to have the best senior year ever!!




    ~ Mrs. Casperson