• Westside Dress Code (2021-2022) updated 1/19/2022

    Permitted Wear:

    1. Students must wear school IDs at all times during school hours.
    2. T-shirts and polos purchased at the school store, official Westside club and organization shirts. (chest, stomach, cleavage, back area all must be covered).
    3. Sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, and jackets purchased at the school store, official Westside club and organizational jackets. Students may also wear navy, royal, black, grey or white sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, and jackets purchased from a retailer of choice. Hooded sweatshirts are allowed; however, the hood must not be on over your head at any time in the building.
    4. Jeans, khaki, navy, royal, and black bottoms including pants, shorts, skirts/skorts, and joggers purchased from any retailer of your choice. Fit and style should be school-appropriate and fabrics of solid color with minimal logos/sports stripes etc. Sagging and immodest rips/tears are not permitted.

    Not Permitted:

    1. Shirts with alcohol, drug, violence, gang identification, obscene/inappropriate language.
    2. Pajamas and loungewear are not permitted to be worn on campus.
    3. House shoes/slippers are not permitted.
    4. Jewelry, footwear, socks, backpacks and bags, etc. must not display offensive language, images, or symbols.
    5. Hats, caps, wraps, scarves, visors, durags, wave caps, skull caps, etc. will not be worn inside the building.
    6. Bandanas or gang affiliated paraphrenia are not allowed on campus

    Administrative Discretion: Deans and other school administrators have discretion to make final call on mode-of-dress questions, such as conforming to the expected standard or other issues related to taste, fit, level of modesty, etc