Elective Classes

  • Dance: Limit instruction of dances that don’t allow for social distancing. Prohibit sharing of all props, dance clothes, equipment, and other materials that can be shared. Clean ballet barres between classes. Minimizing costuming. Students must have their own water bottles.


    Theatre: Limit access to theatre-based technology (one student). Students need to have their own costumes, scripts, theatrical make-up and materials. Hold fewer rehearsals. Plus, limit student proximity and contact during theatre class. Assign technical theatre students in shifts while working in the shop or booth. Sanitize equipment between classes. Accommodate for remote or distanced rehearsals and classwork. Utilize digital submissions


    Piano: Utilize apps/programs, such as Quaver Music or YouTube to support instruction. Prohibit the sharing of instruments.


    Choir: Active singing is allowed for a maximum of 30 minutes. Students must be at least 6 ft apart even if the room allows for more students per current guidelines. Teacher and students should leave the classroom after 30 minutes of singing for air circulation and rejuvenation of fresh air for the next class. Students not actively performing must wear face masks. Sharing music documents and uniforms is not allowed. Recommend discontinuation of uniform until further notice. . Utilize digital submissions and recordings. PPE face masks worn by staff always.