PE & Sports

  • Athletes need their own individualized labeled water bottles. They are prohibited from sharing water bottles.  If a student-athlete needs a refill, there must be a cooler/container filled with water and ice available at several stations spaced 10ft. apart where a staff member (appropriately masked and gloved) can refill the students’ bottles upon request. If a student does not bring their own water, the staff member will be available to fill cups or bottles of water made available by the campus.


    Outdoor Sports

    • PPE face masks worn by staff always. Students not actively exercising must wear face masks. Social distancing enforced on sidelines and during drills.



    • Sub-varsity games will be held on campus. Locker rooms limited to 50%
    • Campuses capacity. Visiting teams must arrive dressed/ready to play. Fans are NOT allowed. Only essential personnel are allowed on sidelines at football and volleyball games.