• Dear Student and Parents,

    Houston ISD uses District-level Assessments to help teachers better understand what students know and can do.  With the resulting data, teachers can promptly evaluate the effectiveness of their instruction, make any needed adjustments in the class, and address the learning needs of each student.  Please click on the link to watch how to take this test virtually.

    Watch this video: ONTRACK VIDEO

    Your scholar is scheduled to take Snapshot 1 on:

    Snapshot 1 Assessment


    MS Teams Meeting Link


    Nov 9th

    Students will be taking their assessment during their regular class period on Teams.


    Nov 10th


    Nov 10th and 11th


    Nov 13th


    Nov 16th  and 17th


    Select a device with a screen that is 7 in or larger and has access to Microsoft Teams.  Snapshot 1 works best with the Google Chrome 23.x browser, but you may also choose to use Safari 6.x, Firefox 21.x, or Edge (Windows 10 only).  Students will log-in to OnTrack (www.houstonisd.org/ontrack) with their HISD credentials to take their assessment.

    Students will be taking Snapshot 1 test on their devices while their teacher or another staff member assists and monitors him/her on Microsoft Teams.   Please use the MS Teams meeting above at the scheduled date and time.  Please use the resources below to help you through the process.

    After the test, I will share a parent report where you can review the results of the assessment. We are excited to learn more about what our students are ready to learn!


    Luis Sabillon

    Dean of Instruction




    Snap 1 Assessment - OnTrack

    Dear Student and Parents,

    As you may already know, HISD uses District Level Assessments to help teachers understand what students know and what they are ready to learn next. These assessments are given throughout the year to monitor student progress and are typically administered at school. However, we are making plans for administering the test remotely as well.

    We’re providing information about what assessments are, preparation tips to get you started, using Microsoft Teams with your teacher, and steps to help students log into the software.  


    The district snapshot assessments will assess a set of priority standards taught during a specific period of instruction as defined by the district scope and sequence document for a content/course and grade level.  These brief assessments are designed to provide teachers with specific and timely information on each student’s learning.  With the resulting data, teachers can promptly evaluate the effectiveness of their instruction, make any needed adjustments in the class, and address the learning needs of each student.  As part of this process, teachers will be able to give students near immediate feedback on their performance.

    To provide the best test experience and results, please consider the following tips:   

    • Ensure your child is well rested and has a good breakfast. 
    • Provide a quiet spot at a table or desk that is free from distraction. 
    • Students taking math can use paper and pencil to solve problems but should not use calculator.  
    • Students taking early literacy should use headphones for that assessment.  
    • Students should complete the test independently. While your instinct maybe to help your child when they are stuck, know that the best way to help is to encourage them to select the answer they think is best and move on to the next question.  
    • Stay nearby where your student is testing to ensure they remain focused but avoid hovering and distracting.   



    Before beginning your assessment, help your student with connecting to a scheduled video conference call with their teacher. Click the links in the table above to begin the call during your scheduled time. If you have technical difficulties, use the Renaissance Support link above to request help. Email the teacher for assistance if you are unable to connect. The teacher will prepare the students for the assessment and instruct them when to begin.



    Students are likely to have taken a Snapshot assessment in the past and are familiar with the test, but helping students feel comfortable with the remote testing process is still important. By adhering to the following recommendations, you are helping teachers gather important data that enables them to create more meaningful learning opportunities for your child.  Students can take the test on any school approved device with an internet connection.  Students login using a single sign-on portal for all the apps your student uses, simply login to that portal and select the OnTrack app, or use Google Chrome to go to http://www.houstonisd.org/ontrack to login.


    Now let's walk you through to the login process. On the OnTrack homepage select the launchpad.  Select the assessment you wish to take.  Your teacher will provide you the name of your assessment. 

    When the student completes the assessment, they can click “Done”.  At this time they can review their correct answers and review flagged items.  When ready, they can click “Submit”. 

    For more information about Snapshot 1 Assessment visit www.houstonisd.org/snapinfo or contact your child's teacher or school.