PPE -Allowable Masks

  • Staff, students, and visitors are required to wear a mask covering both the nose and mouth while in any district school or facility. We allow as acceptable both district-issued disposable masks and personal, reusable masks.


    All personal masks are required  to be fitted to the face, covering both the nose and mouth, and at least two layers thick. Ensure masks with a wire bridge are pinched down and fitted to the nose to ensure they are snug. Ensure personal masks comply with the HISD Dress Code and are not inappropriate or derogatory in nature.


    Masks are required to be worn at all times, including in restrooms. Masks may only be removed when eating or drinking during breakfast/lunch periods. We provide district-purchased masks to students if they do not have one. All student masks are required to meet requirements as outlined by public health guidelines and the Code of Student Conduct.



Unallowable Masks

  • Prohibit masks include vented masks, bandannas, scarves, handkerchiefs, neck gaiters, or other loose fitting cloths from being used as masks.