• Math 1314, College Alegebra 




    1.    Instructor: Hung Lau hung.lau@hccs.edu

    1.    connectmath.com for online assignments

    2.    Office Hours time: MW 8:00 -9:20 am, TR 12:30 -13:55pm

    2.     Textbook: College Algebra 2nd ed. by Julie Miller and Donna Gerken,
            McGraw Hill Publishing, 2016

    3.    Phone: 713.847.4809 

    3.    Laptop/TI 84 is required for this course


    Eagle Canvas Learning Management System

    MATH 1314 will use Eagle Online Canvas (https://eagleonline.hccs.edu) for Lectures, Announcements, Discussions, Homework, Quizzes, and Exams.

    HCCS Open Lab locations may be used to access the Internet and Canvas. USE FIREFOX OR CHROME AS THE INTERNET BROWSER.



    Welcome to Math1314, Collefe Algebra  class. In this course, we will explore and study functions, graphs, transformations, and applications of linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, radical, exponential and logarithmic, and systems of equations using matrices. This course fulfills the Mathematics foundational component area of the core and addresses the following required objectives: Critical Thinking, Communication, and Empirical Quantitative Skills.


    Learning Objectives

    1.    Solve Quadratic Equations in one variable by the method of factoring, square root property, completing the square           and the quadratic formula.

    2.    Solve quadratic equations, radical equations, fractional equations, and systems of equations.

    3.    Solve linear inequalities and linear equations involving absolute value, state the solution in interval notation, and               graph the solution.

    4.    Solve non-linear (quadratic and rational) inequalities, state the solution in interval notation, and graph solutions.

    5.    Solve exponential and logarithmic equations.

    6.    Find the distance and midpoint between two points in the Cartesian Plane.

    7.    Graph linear functions, quadratic functions, piecewise-defined functions, absolute value functions, polynomial                   functions, rational functions, exponential functions, and logarithmic functions.

    8.    Understand vertical and horizontal shifts, stretching, shrinking, and reflections of graphs of functions.

    9.    Recognize the equation of a circle, sketch the graph of a circle, and find the equation of a circle.

    10.  Determine the rational zeros of a polynomials.

    11.  Apply the definition of a function, determine the domain and range of a function, evaluate expressions using                    functional notation, simplify expressions involving the algebra of functions, graph functions by plotting points.

    12.  Understand the inverse relationship between the exponential and logarithmic functions.


    GRADING Formula

    Students can view grades in Canvas.


    Grading Scale



    A : 90% - 100%

    B: 80% - 89%



    C: 70% - 79% 



    D: 60% - 69%  

     Final Exam


    F : below 60%



    Course Calendar


    Week 1 


    Section 1.1 Linear Rational Equations

    Section 1.4 Quadratic Equations

    Week 2

    Section 1.5 Applications of Quadratic Equations

    Section 1.7 Linear, Compound, and Absolute Value Inequalities


    Week 3

     Section 2.1 The Rectangular System Section 2.2 Circles

     Section 2.2 Circle

     QUIZ 1 (Ch. 1) (Connect Math Assignments, 2 Attempts), 

    Week 4

    Section 2.3 Functions and Relations

    Section 2.4 Equations in Two Variables & Linear Functions

     Week 5

    Section 2.5 Applications of Linear Equations Section 2.6 Transformations of Graphs

    Section 2.6 Transformations of Graphs


    Week 6

    Section 2.7 Analyzing Graphs of Functions and Piecewise

    Section 2.8 Algebra of Functions and Function Composition

    Quiz 2 (Ch.2 in Canvas due Mar 27)


    March 15-19 Spring Break

    Week 7

    Section 3.1 Quadratic Functions

    TEST 1 (Ch. 1 & 2) Use Quiz 1 and Quiz 2 for Review (Canvas)

     Week 8

    Section 3.2 Introduction to Polynomial Functions Section 3.3 Division of Polynomials

    Section 3.3 Division of Polynomials 

    Week 9

    Section 3.4 Zeros of Polynomials

    Section 3.5 Rational Functions


     Week 10

    Section 3.6 Polynomial and Rational Inequalities

    Section 4.2 Exponential Functions

    QUIZ 3 (Ch.3) (Connect Math Assignments, 2 attempts). 

     Week 11

     Section 4.3 Logarithmic Functions

     Section 4.4 Properties of Logarithms

    Week 12

    Section 4.5 Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

    TEST 2 (Ch. 3 & 4) Use Quiz 3 & Quiz 4 for Review (In Canvas Assignments, 1 attempt).

    Week 13

    Review for the Final Exam.

    Week 14


    The Final Exam is scheduled by HCC on May 10 and May 11.


    Missed Assignments

    There will be no make-up tests or quizzes under any circumstances. Missing only one test will not penalize any student. In the event that a student should miss one test, the final exam will be substituted in its place. Quizzes cannot be made up. It is the responsibility of the student to get with the instructor concerning any missed assignments.

    The Math Department is requiring the remote proctoring of all major examinations (including the Final Exam) to ensure the integrity of the assessment process and to prevent acts of academic dishonesty. In this course, in addition to a reliable internet connection, you will be required to have hardware that meets the following minimal requirements:

    1. a functioning webcam and microphone, and
    2. a computer with operating system that is capable of running the Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus


    Attendance Procedures

    As this course is basically an online/face-to-face course, you will be expected to attend all classes.  HCCS and HISD require attendance to all classes.  Each class period will have an emoji or specific word to be sent in for attendance.  Check academic calendar for important dates at: hccs.edu/calendar


    Student Conduct

    As an online/face-to-face course, your responses to discussion assignments and your responses posted on the CHAT function must be within the parameters of ‘appropriate for all’.  The is to be no use of curse words or profanity in any situation.  Dramatic and critical penalties will be dealt with by the Dean of Students should infractions occur.


    HCC Policies

     Here’s the link to the HCC Student Handbook http://www.hccs.edu/resourcesfor/current- students/student-handbook/ 



    The EGLS3 (Evaluation for Greater Learning Student Survey System) will be available  for most courses near the end of the term until finals start. This brief survey will      give invaluable information to your faculty about their teaching. Results are anonymous and will be available to faculty and division chairs after the end of the term.      EGLS3 surveys are only available for the Fall and Spring semesters. EGLS3 surveys are not offered during the Summer semester due to logistical constraints. http://www.hccs.edu/resources-for/current-students/egls3-evaluate-your-professors/