• STAAR Parent Survey

    Parent Communication:

    Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath announced that students attending schools remotely will not have to take the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) tests when it is administered on campus this Spring. The state does not have the capability to test students remotely; therefore, to test, a student must report to his/her enrolled campus.


    Parents of virtual students may choose to continue experiencing remote instruction throughout the scheduled test administration windows. Remote learners will not be considered non-participants if they do not take STAAR assessments. TEA has created a provision that excludes remote students from being negatively impacted if they do not take the STAAR assessment. For high school students, TEA is not lawfully authorized to waive graduation requirements; therefore, students who are scheduled to take End-of-Course assessments for STAAR or STAAR Alternate 2 will be missing an opportunity to meet assessment graduation requirements.


    The state has given districts and campuses flexibility to provide every opportunity for remote students to test on campus following health and safety protocols. Campuses will be collecting information from parents regarding your choice for planning purposes. Please contact your campus if you have any questions or concerns.


    As a parent, please look at possible options available for your virtual student this school year.


    Option 1 - Parent chooses for their child to take the STAAR or STAAR EOC.  Please inform the school of your wishes for your child to test. The school will accommodate this request and follow safe social distancing.


    Option 2 – If a virtual magnet parent chooses for their child to test, they can request to test at magnet campus or zoned campus. Please notify your magnet school which option you are requesting for your child.


    Option 3 – Virtual Parents may choose for their child not to take the STAAR or STAAR EOC. If this option is chosen parents should notify the school, they do not wish for their child to participate. Virtual instruction will continue for your child during the testing window. Please note if your child is a high school student, they are reducing the number of opportunities they have to meet graduation requirements that have not been waived by the state.

     QR Code

    Parents, please open your camera on your phone and point at the image to the left. This will open a link for a short survey to complete. Please indicate if your child will take the STAAR/STAAR EOC test. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call your child’s school for assistance.

    Survey address: https://forms.gle/GUuKBuFQsnsxA9ye8