List of Supplies for Garden Oaks Children’s House

    Option A:  $50 supply fee for entire year.  You may pay in installments, or all at once.  Teachers prefer this method so that we can purchase EXACTLY what and how much we need. 

    Additional Purchases:
    • PK-Nap Mat and Pillowcase
    • Headphones

    Option B:  Purchase the items listed below.  These items will be pooled with the supplies that the teacher purchases.  There is no need to put your child’s name on anything.  Everything in the Montessori classroom is a community resource.

    2 reams of copy paper (some to be cut and used with metal insets)

    2 Primary Black and White Composition books (please make sure they have the red baseline, top blue line and middle dotted line)

    2 Primary Spiral notebooks (same lines as above)

    2 Tablets of Primary writing paper (same lines as above)

    1 ream (500 sheets) of cardstock – White or Assorted Colors

    Manila Paper or white art paper (9x12) 50-100 sheets

    100 white ruled index cards (4x6)

    Pocket folders ( 1 blue, 1 green, 1 red)

    24 high quality #2 pencils (Ticonderoga and Mirado are good brands)

    Small package of pencil top erasers

    1 4oz bottle of Elmer’s Glue

    5 glue sticks

    Paintbox of 8-10 watercolors

    Prismacolor Verithin artist quality colored pencils – 12 or 24 (these are used with metal insets)

    2 rolls of paper towels

    2 boxes of facial tissues

    1 box of baby wipes

    4 boxes of zipper bags (1 each of snack, quart, gallon and 2 or 2½ gallon size)

    Dawn dishwashing detergent (small bottle)

    1 bottle of liquid hand soap and 1 bottle of hand sanitizer

    2 packages of paper cups – 4oz or 9oz (not plastic or Styrofoam)