Student Tech Team

  • Apply for the Navarro Student Tech Team!

    (Tech Team is currently full). 

    The Student Tech Team members are the front line of tech support for both the students and teachers at Patrick Henry. These students commit to at least one semester and will reapply each semester.


    General Responsibilities

    • Basic technical assistance for staff and students
    • Log-on and email issues
    • Troubleshooting apps
    • New software testing
    • Help distributing “Day User” and “Loaner” Chromebooks 
    • Promote “See something? Say something!”
    • Actively promote a no-cyberbullying environment
    • Basic Hardware Maintenance (fix keyboards, Chromebook cleaning/disinfection, etc.)


    Criteria for Candidate Selection


    • Student answers to the application questions
    • Grades, conduct and attendance


    Selection Process

    Once you apply, the Student Tech Team selection committee will: 


    1. Collect and review all student applications 
    2. Review all criteria for candidates 
    3. Schedule/conduct interviews (optional)
    4. Approve or deny applicants
    5. Send acceptance letters