Transitional Bilingual Program


    The Transitional bilingual program model serves a student identified as an English Learner in both English and Spanish and transfers the student to English-only instruction. This model provides instruction in literacy and academic content areas through the medium of the student's first language, along with English language development. Non-academic subjects such as art, music, and physical education may also be taught in English.


    All participating students receive instruction in language arts and content subjects primarily in Spanish in the early grades (K-2) with a grade-specific amount of English as a Second Language/English Language Development instruction incorporated daily. English instruction is gradually increased through the grade levels of kindergarten through second and by third grade students are given the opportunity to receive all English instruction with the continued support of a certified bilingual teacher if they meet specific criteria.  Otherwise, they continue to receive most of their instruction in Spanish with instruction in English as a Second Language Language/English Language Development.  English Learners, who meet exit criteria anytime in this program, are reclassified as non-EL, and move to all English instruction without the necessity of support from a certified bilingual teacher.