This code establishes the minimum standard of dress. In order to maintain the proper student attire and educational spirit, students must show proper attention to personal cleanliness, health, safety, neatness of appearance, and suitability of clothing for school activities. Clothing may not be inappropriately revealing, excessively tight, or excessively baggy. Students must dress in a presentable manner. 

    •        HISD guidelines regarding masks will be enforced
    •        ID’s need to be worn at all times
    •        Hats, bandanas, non-religious head coverings, do-rags, sleep caps are not allowed to be 

           worn on school grounds.

    • The length of shorts, skirts, and dresses should approach the knee.
    • All clothing, including socks and accessories, must be free of profane, suggestive or provocative language and/or symbols, advertisement or promotion of alcohol, tobacco,       weapons, or drug use, hate, and/or reference to or association with gang activity.
    • Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist. Clothing must be size appropriate.  
    • Any clothing with holes above the knees should not have skin exposed.
    • Students must wear shoes. Sandals are permissible.   
    • Students are expected to be in dress code at all times, including testing, finals, and field trip days.
    • Leggings are permissible, but must not be sheer. The leggings should be paired with a shirt of appropriate length.
    • All clothing must cover the entire midriff area.  Low-cut revealing tops are not allowed. Tank tops, camis, transparent clothing, and clothing designed to be worn as an undergarment are not permitted.