• SDMC 2021-2022 Meeting Guidelines: 


    Meetings will be held at least once per quarter. The schedule of quarters is as follows: 


    Quarter 1: September 9, 2021

                         October 20, 2021


    Quarter 2: January 26, 2022


    Quarter 3: March 23, 2022


    Quarter 4: May 18, 2022


    The committee must also hold at least one public meeting each year after receipt of the annual campus rating from TEA to discuss the performance of the school and the school’s objectives. The following items  should be on the SDMC page of the campus website, available for public viewing: 


    • SDMC Meeting Dates, Location and Times for each meeting for the entire school year 
    • Agendas from each meeting 
    • Minutes from each meeting 
    • SDMC Committee Members: 
    1.   Name - First and Last 
    2.   Position - i.e. 1st grade teacher, Assistant Principal, Special Education, etc. 
    3.   Email address for that member  
    4.  Each committee must have at least one special education member. 


    A link on the campus homepage will take anyone directly to the SDMC page.  Information should be posted within 10 working days after the date of the meeting.