Success for the application process – college or career – is ALL about being organized.   At this point, you need to decide which strategy works for your mind and work flow.  Below I have provided some places to start to be inspired! Take some time to explore and start (or continue) to organize your materials. 


    Excel File

    If you are a data guru and enjoy spreadsheets, take a look at this Excel file!  You can download to your laptop or upload to Google Drive – more than anything you can modify to make it work for YOU.



    One Sheet

    If you are more of a kinesthetic learner and prefer tactile methods of keeping track of things, take a look at this one sheet.  Suggestion would be to use this for each college you are applying to- starting a section to file all pertinent info for that school.  I will have extra copies in my room.


    There is a similar form online that you can type directly into. 



    Online Tips



    Video on creating files in OneNote/Google Drive