• 1st 6 Weeks

    The short stories we have read are to the right.

    We will BEGIN reading Hitchhiker's this 6 weeks, but will finish next 6 weeks.

    We only have class sets, so students are encouraged to buy a copy!


    We will focus heavily on short story and the following Literary Terms:


    Irony (Incongruity and 3 types)

    Beginnings of satire

    Elements of Story

    Plot More info

    Character (including Archetypes)

    Conflict (Looking specifically at resolution)

    Setting (As a character and as conflict)

    Theme (From topical theme to comment on human condition)



    Aside from knowing the definition and being able to find examples of the previous terms,

    the student is also expected to be able to identify and explain the function of each element as used by the author.