• Asynchronous Learning:

    In the event student has to quarantine, let Mr. Cantu know (via TEAMS) for further specific instructions on what assignments will need to be completed.

    Further instructions:

    • Make sure you review the Daily Class Agendas so you can stay on-track with the assignments and other things we are completing in class.
    • Make sure you review the Lesson Notes for the day(s) that you are absent so you can stay on-track with the content we are covering in class.
    • Make sure you check your Grades in PowerSchool so that you are aware of the graded assignments that you will need to make-up.
      • Also, remember to check the Vocabulary Warm Up Grades Spreadsheet (the Folder with the link should be towards the very top of the Resources in the HUB) so you are aware of any Vocabulary Warm Ups that you need to make-up.