• What to do when you miss class

      Notify Dr. Pauloski.

    If possible, please notify me via Teams Chat to let me know you will be out. 

      Visit the HUB lesson. Complete assignments as possible.

    • Go to the HUB lesson for the day (in Resources, go to the current unit folder and the dated lesson folder).
    • Read through the lesson plan. Access the materials and complete any assignments you can.
    • Contact Dr. Pauloski via Teams Chat if you need clarification or help.

    Exception: Summative assessments will need to be completed under teacher supervision. 

      Excused Absence

    • Please submit a parent excuse note to the main office upon your return. 
    • If your absence is excused, you will have additional time to complete assignments (1 school day for each day missed).

      Assigned to Temporary Online Learning?

    If you are assigned to Temporary Online Learning, let Dr. Pauloski know. You may be able to submit an alternative assignment for credit.