• Club Objectives 

        Educate the members about the art of taking pictures, provide a collaborative environment, and make every member fall in love with photography.


        Club Motto 


        A collaborative space for everyone to learn and practice photography


        Who Can Join? 

        Photo club is a space where students can share their work and receive feedback. Members must be respectful, open-minded, and supportive of others' work. Members are not required to have any skill in photography.


        What Will we do?


        1) Officers will create educational presentations about photography. For example one of the presentations will cover manual camera settings. 2) Students will share their favorite photographers so club members can expand their artist knowledge 3) Since the meetings will occur during lunch, students can take pictures on campus (outside) 4) Officers will teach members photo editing skills 5) Photo club will have an Instagram account where students can share and promote their work