• GT / Vanguard




    Q. Who can test?

    A. Any student attending Pin Oak may test for G/T.


    Q. If my child was previously identified by HISD, do they need to test again?

    A. No. Any child identified by HISD as G/T retains identification unless they leave HISD or the parent requests the child to be removed from G/T. 

    *Please note that students who were identified outside of HISD must be identified by HISD. G/T identification does not transfer from one district to another. 


    Q. What steps do I need to take to have my child tested?

    A. Please complete the HISD G/T Testing Request in HISD Connect - linked on the testing page.


    Q. If I am an 8th grader applying to Carnegie HS who is not currently G/T identified, do I need to complete the G/T Testing Application in addition to the Magnet Program Application?

    A. YES. You must fill out the G/T Testing Application via HISD Connect - linked on the testing page.  The Magnet Program Application does not replace the G/T Testing Application. 


    Q. When is the deadline to apply to take the G/T Test?

    A. The deadline is TBD.


    Q. When is the Pin Oak Testing Window for G/T Testing?

    A. G/T testing will be in January 2023.


    Q. Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

    A. Please email Mrs. Ashly Evans Vining at aevans15@houstonisd.org.