“Some people are just uncomfortable showing others their writing.  That’s understandable, but it should not prevent you from taking advantage of the opportunity peer review represents.  Writing is communication, after all.  Lots of different people, with different skill levels, interests, attitudes and so on, will read what you’ve written.  Getting feedback from several different readers greatly enhances your ability to reach a wide audience, because it shows you the expectations and assumptions your readers bring to your writing and helps you reach them.” -  Davis Oldham


    Think of this as an opportunity to get to know someone better.  Just as the admissions officer (or HR representative) does not know you, your peer will also have an unfamiliar eye when reading your essay.  This will make their feedback invaluable compared to those who already know your story!



    Step 1:

    Read “Why peer review?” by Davis Oldham         



    Step 2:

    You will need a copy of your college essay/personal statement and the Peer Review Form.  It’s a word document so you can type your thoughts directly or you can use a hard copy provided in class.



    Step 3:


    Find a partner. 

    • You will be exchanging your essay with this person and reviewing theirs. 
    • They will give you feedback on your essay.



    Step 4:

    Take your materials and complete the Peer Review Workshop process.  Please keep in mind the article you read at the start of class:


    • Take a few minutes and read your partners essay.  While reading, answer the questions listed on Peer Review Form. ​ Type (or write on hardcopy) in your thoughts and impressions as you will give this page to the author at the end of the class.


    • Once you are both finished reading/completed the peer review worksheet, decide whose essay you will review first.


    • The reviewer should share their thoughts/impressions/answers to questions on the Peer Review Form.  The author should feel free to ask questions seeking suggestions or clarification.


    • Switch and have a conversation about the second essay.  If a group of three, continue until everyone has gotten feedback/given feedback.


    • Email/give the Peer Review Form (or hand directly to if working with a hardcopy) to your partner so they can incorporate your feedback into their essay. 



    Step 6:

    Once you have reviewed each essay, on your own complete the Self-Assessment form.