• This is for an opportunity to audition to perform in the Battle of the Bands at East Early College High School.

    Auditions will take place March 26, 2022 at 10am.

    Please send a TEAMS message to Mr. James Sartor for an audition slot.

    The Battle of the Bands performance will be on 4/30 (5/7 is being held as an option rain day). The performance will be outside in compliance with any current or future COVID restrictions.

    Audition Requirements:

    ALL of the members of an auditioning band must be current HISD students.

    You must bring your HISD ID.

    The audition will be comprised of ONE song. At the Battle of the Bands performance, bands will be given 20 minutes.

    Drums and Sound Equipment will be provided at the audition. You may bring your own amps, though it is not required. You must bring your own instruments.

    Deadline for applications is 3/15. Thank you and good luck!

    All questions should be directed to Mr. Sartor on TEAMS.

    Parents may e-mail me at: james.sartor@houstonisd.org