• This is a general interest form to be filled out if your son is interested in playing lacrosse for the 2022-2023 season.


    This includes interest in starting in the Fall with our annual Fall camp.


    It is important you give me good contact information so I can rope you into an email before we begin fall camp / tryouts.


    We will have an interest meeting closer to the start of Fall Camp in November to review team guidelines and information.


    Please take into account your schedule and availability in the Spring to ensure your interest is fairly strong for lacrosse. You don't have to have your mind completely made up, but it is best if I can get a good picture of the numbers we might see in our program.


    Please let me know before Fall Camp if there are circumstances that will strain your commitment (IE; other sports. We can almost always work out a plan that works. Especially with school sponsored sports).


    Thank you for your interest in lacrosse! (My contact: austin.stdenis@houstonisd.org)

Last Modified on April 14, 2022