The laptop handout will be done by grade level. 
    To pick up your laptop you must have:


    1. Return your previous laptop
    2. HISD & School Loan Agreement forms completely filled out and signed by a guardian
    3. A screenshot or printed copy of the SchoolPay receipt for your $25  



    • August 4 -5 9th Grade 9 AM- 2 PM  
    • August 16- 10th Grade 9 AM – 2PM
    • August 17- 11th Grade 9 AM – 2PM  
    • August 18- 12th Grade 9 AM – 2PM  

    ** If you are unable to pick up your laptop during your scheduled day, you can pick up your laptop during the 1st week of school at lunch. 
    ** Only the student or guardian can pick up the laptops. Friends are not permitted to pick up the laptops of other students.