• AP Physics 1

    Teacher: Marina T. Rodriguez

    SY 2022-2023

    Ms. Rodriguez’s e-mail address: mrodri20@houstonisd.org    

    Website: https://www.houstonisd.org//Domain/52164

    Office Hours: Second half of lunch by appointment



    Welcome to my classroom! This will be my eighth year teaching. I hold a Bachelor of Arts from University of Houston with a double major degree in History and Hispanic Studies, as well as a Masters in STEM Curriculum and Policy Advocacy. I will work hard to foster the life skills of asking questions, finding alternative avenues to solve problems, never giving up, and academic independence as we master content. I am excited to work with you as you discover the wonderful world of Physics and how the skills you learn here will help you no matter what you pursue!


    The curriculum for AP Physics 1 that we will follow is set by the College Board. Please see the course overview to see the full course and exam description from the College Board, as well as the outline of topics covered each grading cycle. The AP Physics 1 exam is scheduled on the afternoon of Thursday, May 11th. The exam is three hours long. There are 90 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions and another 90 minutes to answer five free-response questions (2 long and 3 short). Each section accounts for 50% of the overall exam score. Scientific or graphing calculators may be used on the entire exam.


    Course Overview:


    1st Six Weeks



    Dynamics (start)

    2nd Six Weeks


    Dynamics (finish)

    Circular Motion & Gravitation

    Energy (start)

    3rd Six Weeks


    Energy (finish)

    Midterm Review

    4th Six Weeks



    Simple Harmonic Motion

    Torque & Rotational Motion (start)

    5th Six Weeks


    Torque & Rotational Motion (finish)

    AP Review

    6th Six Weeks


    AP Review

    Final Project



    A full course and exam description from the College Board can be accessed here: https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/pdf/ap-physics-1-course-and-exam-description.pdf



    The overall grade is a percentage determined by the breakdown shown below.  Students earn a grade based on the quality and accuracy of their completed work.  The descriptions are generally how assignments will be placed.  Students will be made aware prior to the due date if an assignment is major or minor.

    • Major Assignments 60%
      • Unit exams, quizzes, labs, projects
    • Minor Assignments 40%
      • Minor labs, homework, and all other uncategorized items



    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Work hard and be nice.
    2. Be prepared with all needed supplies and work.
    3. Be on time and on task. On time is defined as seated at your desk before the tardy bell rings. (You will be counted tardy if not seated by the bell.). Cell phones placed in assigned pocket on the wall.
    4. Always ask if something is not clear.
    5. Leave the room cleaner than you found it.


    **Note for in person instruction: All proper PPE should be worn, and all safety precautions should always be followed.



    • Pencils, pens (blue and/or black), markers
    • Scientific Calculator
    • A box of gloves
    • A box of tissues


    Organization: Binders and notebooks are an important tool for organizing information and your thoughts. This can be set up digitally or it can be paper-based. All assignments, due dates, and course information is posted on Canvas and updated daily.


    Homework: Homework in this course will be submitted on various platforms including, but not limited to, OpenStax Tutor, EdPuzzle, and AP Classroom. Many times, you will also be expected to watch online videos and/or read text to prepare for the material we will cover in class. The assignment for this pre-work may vary, and students should be prepared for a possible in-class quiz and/or discussion over the material in the reading/video.


    Labs: When you are involved in a lab, you MUST act accordingly. Participating in lab is a privilege, one that can be taken away if the proper procedures are not followed. If you do not follow the rules of the lab then you will not be allowed to participate and will receive a zero for that lab. To participate in lab, you turn in a signed safety contract.


    Completion of Assignments: All assignments are due ON TIME. Late work will be accepted up to one day late and no later. An academic grade on late work is up to a 70% for one day late and 0% thereafter. The late work policy does not apply to assignments that are assigned and due within the same class period.


    I will post all homework assignments both on the whiteboard in the classroom and on the class site on Canvas.


    **Note: you are on campus the day an assignment is due, then you are required to turn it in, even if you miss your class period. If at all possible, please notify me of unforeseen circumstances.


    **Additional Note: If you are absent, you must either turn in the assignment or make arrangements with me within 3 days of returning to school. Assignments must be turned in directly to the teacher, not placed on my desk or in my mailbox. Do not give an assignment to another student to turn in. E-mailed or other digital submissions may be acceptable and may be required for some projects or labs.


    **Final Note: If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what was assigned while you were out and complete the make-up work in a timely manner. I strongly encourage you to check Canvas for assignments as soon as you are able. If you miss class due to a school activity, such as a field trip, athletic competition, or similar activity, it is your responsibility to turn in assignments that are due that day as soon as you return to school, and to obtain the notes and assignments that were given that day.



    Make-Ups, Retakes, and Tutorials:


    A maximum of 2 retakes per grading cycle will be permitted. A maximum retake score is 70. Students must request a retake using the form provided on Canvas. Students will complete the retakes on specific days assigned by me. A “no show” and/or failure to complete the retake assessment counts as a retake.


    In Person Instruction Notes


    If you miss a test or quiz due to an absence, you must schedule a make-up with me either in writing or via email no later than the day you return to class. Make-ups must occur within three days of your return, and the format of the retest is at the teacher’s discretion.


    Retakes will usually occur during the week immediately following the return of a graded test or quiz. The available retake times will be announced by me in class and on Canvas. To receive a retake, you must schedule it with me using the Google Form I send out through Teams and post on Canvas. Usually I will assign a specific day for retakes.


    I am available for tutorials, make-ups, and/or retakes during SSEP and lunch on most days. If you discover that you are having difficulty with a concept, please do not hesitate to come for assistance either during SSEP or lunch. If you wish to come during SSEP, please pick up a pass from me the day before you wish to attend tutorials. I am also available for make-ups before or after school by appointment; please schedule these with me at least 24 hours in advance.


    Academic Integrity: Cheating, copying, and plagiarizing will not be tolerated in this course. Any student displaying academic dishonesty will be reported and referred to the Assistant Principal. The student will receive a grade of “0” on the assignment and there will not be an opportunity to make up the assignment. This includes exams and quizzes. In addition, any disruptions, intentional or unintentional, during a test or quiz will not be tolerated.


    Textbook: You will be using OpenStax this year created by Rice University in 2017. You will be given instructions on how to access it during the first week of school, and these instructions will be available on Canvas.


    Contact Info: The fastest and most reliable way to contact me is through Teams message or through e-mail; my e-mail address is mrodri20@houstonisd.org. If for some reason you cannot message or e-mail me, you may also call the school main line at 713-732-3690 and leave a message; I will attempt to return the call as soon as possible.


    Anything not covered in the syllabus is subject to the rules and regulations of the Student Handbook and/or the teacher’s discretion.