School Social Work is a specialized area of practice within the broad field of social work. School social workers are mental health professionals licensed by the state of Texas.

    School Social Workers bring unique professional knowledge, skills, and values to the education team.

    School Social Workers provide services which strengthen the home/school/community partnerships.

    School Social Workers identify and actively seek to address or reduce barriers that may be interfering with educational success, enabling students to be physically, mentally, and emotionally present and ready to learn.

    School Social Workers serve as catalysts to bring people together and create an environment that is conducive to effective problem solving and learning.

    School Social Worker Services include assessment, crisis intervention and management, home visits, individual and group counseling, creating intervention strategies, consultation, program development, parent and community involvement,and coordination of school and community services.

    School Social Workers in HISD include social workers hired by specific campuses, social workers in the Student Assistance Department, and social workers in the Special Education Department.