• Houston ISD is excited to announce a new partnership with educational travel provider, EF Educational Tours (EF), now a recommended educational travel provider. 

    The mission of this partnership is to increase equity of access to international educational travel and to expand the scope of college and career exploration opportunities for all HISD middle and high school students. 

    EF is also providing access to free college credit associated with their EF tour for up to 50 HISD students each year. Students are able to enroll in Southern New Hampshire University’s (SNHU) three-credit undergraduate course, PDHU 480D Interculturalism and Global Exploration.

    HISD is currently working to establish agreements between local colleges and universities to allow for the transfer of credit from SNHU. Currently, The Houston Community College is offering transfer credit for HUMA 2323 (World Cultures), GEOG 1302 (Human Geography) or GEOG 1303 (World Regional Geography).

    EF is also providing one-time tuition for SNHU’s three-credit graduate level course, PDHU 598D Leading Global Discussions, to every Group Leader leading a tour in 2023 and beyond.

    Please note that EF is now a recommended educational travel provider.  As such, the below permissions are granted exclusively at this time to educators acting as EF Group Leaders

    • Email dissemination of EF tour information to the entire campus, including all families in the school, as well as community stakeholders.
    • Permission to host informational meetings and talk openly about EF travel on campus.
    • Permission to fundraise on campus for their EF tour.

    For more information, please visit https://www.eftours.com/educational-tours/collections/houston-isd-tours.