Starting Wednesday, May 10 (1-3 PM), we will be available to complete your child’s enrollment paperwork. This will continue for the following dates:

    • Wednesday, May 10 – 1-3 PM
    • Thursday, May 11 – 1-3 PM
    • Monday, May 15 – 1-3 PM
    • Tuesday, May 16 – 1-3 PM
    • Wednesday, May 17 – 1-3 PM
    • Thursday, May 18 – 1-3 PM

    Sign up for a date and time HERE



    1. Your completed enrollment folderIf you haven’t picked up the enrollment folder, please do so before arriving for your scheduled registration time. You can pick up the folder at the front desk of the school. The paperwork takes about 20 minutes to complete. 
    2. Bring the following documents:
      1. Parent Identification (ORIGINAL)
      2. Student birth certificate (ORIGINAL)
      3. Social Security Card (ORIGINAL)
      4. Vaccination/Immunization Records
      5. Most current report card for school year 2022-2023


    For the most up to date information, visit our EECHS website at https://www.houstonisd.org/24incoming

    INCOMING SURVEY: Make sure to complete survey HERE for the most accurate contact information.



    Summer Bridge - July 10-11 – All new incoming students

    Parent and student orientation – August 22-24 – For all EECHS students, each grade level will be assigned one of these days for orientation. The exact date is forthcoming.