• Course Description 

    “The Pre-AP areas of focus, [Reading Closely, Valuing Evidence, and Noticing Language Choices], described below, are practices that the students develop and leverage as they engage with content…[They] help to identify and prioritize the practices that are so fundamental to the study of English that they occur consistently throughout the full course of study.

    • Reading Closely: Students read closely and analyze a range of complex literary and informational texts. This course encourages a focus on equipping students with the skills to engage directly with a variety of literary and nonfiction texts…and is designed to include a culturally diverse body of texts that engage and challenge students with their range of complexity and use of compelling language. 

    • Valuing Evidence: Students value textual evidence and incorporate it effectively in writing and speaking. Careful reading includes the ability to base conclusions on textual details. In [this class], students learn the importance of sifting through and synthesizing these details in order to identify the evidence that supports a position or analysis. Then…students learn  how to embed that evidence seamlessly into their written analyses, academic conversations, and oral presentations.  

    • Noticing Language Choices: Students understand how writers and speakers use specific words and sentences to move the thoughts, emotions, and actions of readers and listeners. Every word matters…[The course calls] attention to ‘vocabulary across text’, which highlights how different authors use the same words in different ways to different effects. 

    What this means is you’ll be asked to think, read, and write critically. No one is born doing this well - it takes practice and involves getting out of your comfort zone. That can be uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing for many people (me too!), but we will work together to become stronger readers, writers, and thinkers. I’m not interested in you parroting back to me what you think I want to hear. I want you to think for and challenge yourself to grow this year. 

    The syllabus has more specific information on the course, including supplies, policies, procedures, etc.