• I've had the privilege of advising journalism several times. I got my start advising in Baltimore in 2005 with my first student publication. In the days of internet infancy, we did not have a web presence. Instead, I started getting the paper to press by making trips to the local Office Depot to copy our paper. Students were so excited to work on a publication and publish it for people in the school and community to read.


    I was lucky enough to continue sponsorship when I moved to Texas, where we DID have a web presence. The students named the paper the East Early Beakon (our mascot was the Eagle). I've been excited to see the evolution of student journalism and publications and the many ways student journalists have to learn the craft and express themselves.


    After having started three different student publications (my third was a literary magazine), I'm so pleased to come to a program that is up and running and thriving. 


    Please check back here for a link to our publication Upstream. We've got lots of ideas on content this year, and can't wait to share it with everyone.


    In terms of what the class looks like: there are reporters and editors. We will learn the basics of news writing, which includes feature writing, interviewing, ethics and responsibilities of the student press, arts and entertainment writing, as well as opinion editorials, among other things. The members of our student press are dedicated and ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work on publishing our paper. 


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