• Hello. I'm Randy Green, and I'm glad to be one of your child's teachers.
    My family moved a few times when I was younger, and I spent the last three years of high school in HISD. When I see students at LECJ, I also see students from my past--my brothers and sisters, cousins, friends, and classmates. It's no surprise to me that I feel right at home at LECJ!
    Here's some ranked and truly trivial trivia about me:
    First, I love to spend time with the children in my own family and in my extended family.
    Second, I enjoy reading many kinds of books, magazines, newspapers, and Web sites.
    Last, I try to recapture my youth by running and cycling. There are no marathons in my future, though, I just try to get in a few miles a few times a week.
    If I don't see you in my classroom, I'll see you on the trails!