• Of course we teach French and Spanish. Of course we hope that each and every student who passes through our classrooms becomes passionate about languages and becomes fluent in at least one language other than his/her native one. But we are about so much more. So we’d like to share the “Five C’s” that are the foundation of our program.

    Objective 1: Communication

    Students develop communicative abilities in all modes, integrating the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, and showing.

    Objective 2: Cultures

    Students learn about and experience other cultures as they relate to the target language.

    Objective 3: Connections

    Students use language to acquire new information and knowledge in other subject areas, particularly Social Studies, English, Art, and Government.

    Objective 4: Comparisons

    Students learn the nature of language and culture by comparing other languages and cultures with their own. This exercise is by nature cross-curricular and involves a vast variety of activities, from understanding similarities and differences in grammar and syntax, to comparing and contrasting cultural practices.

    Objective 5: Communities

    Students use language to participate in communities both at home and around the world. This is often manifested while our students are still with us at DeBakey. They find that their LOTE skills are called upon as they make their way through the Medical Center or in other venues.