Currently, Cullen University has several students participating in the Kappa League organization. Since the fundamental purpose of this organization is achievement, it is therefore the fraternity’s primary purpose to help these young men to achieve worthy goals for themselves and to make contributions to their community when leadership roles become responsibility.
    Several students participate in the ESCAPE program at St. Mary’s Church. Students learn about bullying, peer pressure, and how to get what they want from parents. As always lots of entertainment is provided. Students have multiple opportunities to play games and win prizes. Teachers agree to give extra credit to students who attend those events.
    AGAPE DEVELOPMENT prepares Cullen students for success in life. Change does not happen overnight, so AGAPE commits to walk alongside our “family members” through successes and failures without giving up. AGAPE encourages our students to discover their talents, explore opportunities,  and build positive relationships to create a more productive community.
    CSTEM is a non-profit organization providing services to teachers and students in areas of communication, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (CSTEM). Students at Cullen find success with CSTEM development leaderships skills, learn how to  work successfully on a team, and experience learning outside of their school and home community.
    STEP is a program focused on empowering our students to become leaders who shapes the future. University of Houston Bauer College of Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship college students volunteer to work with our students with tutoring, team building, leadership development, career planning, budgeting, visioning, workshops, community activities, college visits, and community service. This allows the student to be an independent thinker by coming up with his/her own ideas, to help out those ideas in action, and to achieve his/hers goals as a team.
    The YMCA is a very active on Cullen’s campus. Even though UIL rules prohibit 6th grade students from participating in sports, Cullen University has partnered with the YMCA to offer students the opportunity to play organized sports. Teams that are formed compete against other YMCAs across the city of Houston.