• Gifted and Talented (Vanguard) Program at Lanier
    Lanier's Vanguard Magnet Program serves students who have been identified as potentially gifted or talented in intellectual ability, creativity, or leadership. Approximately two thirds of Lanier students are identified as gifted and talented and qualify for the Vanguard program. These students study interdisciplinary units that emphasize higher-level thinking, problem solving, and creativity.  The extensive use of experiential methods of learning and investigative processes in research and problem solving, allows the student to develop and refine higher-level thinking skills. The teacher serves as a manager of learning, furnishing a positive environment and guidance, thus encouraging students to share in the responsibility for their own growth and development.
  • Gifted and Talented Testing for Current Lanier Students

    For the 21-22 school year, parents will request G/T testing using the HISD Connect application.  Please follow directions below and email Mrs. Garza Pender- jgarza8@houstonisd.org to let her know you have completed the process. Deadline to request G/T testing is November 22nd. 

    Parent Request for G/T Evaluation

  • Gifted and Talented Testing for Magnet Applicants

    Vanguard Magnet applicants that are not G/T-identified in HISD must request G/T testing at either:
    1.The HISD school where he/she is enrolled, or, if not enrolled in HISD,
    2.The HISD school where he/she is zoned to attend.
    Current 6th-8th grade students zoned to Lanier but not enrolled in HISD, and applying for a Vanguard magnet school, please complete the below application and email to Mrs. Garza Pender by November 18th

    G/T Application for non-HISD

  • Does My Child Need Testing?

    • HISD students who have already been identified as G/T by HISD and currently attend an HISD school DO NOT need testing. 
    • G/T identified students who leave the district for more than 60 academic days, without a G/T furlough, must re-submit their G/T paperwork for their G/T label to be reinstated, they DO NOT need to be retested. 
    • Students enrolling from another district that have been identified as Gifted and Talented by their current school district, must submit their current district's G/T paperwork to HISD for consideration of a G/T label transfer. If approved the student will NOT need testing.  If not approved, the student will need to participate in G/T testing.
    • Students who have not been identified as Gifted and Talented need to participate in G/T testing.


    For questions regarding Gifted and Talented testing, please email the Lanier G/T Coordinator, Mrs. Jennifer Garza Pender- jgarza8@houstonisd.org.