America's  Library
    Library of Congress presents

    stories of America's past


    Ben's Guide
    games and activities about US Govenrment


    Ben'sGuide-Place the State
    3 different levels ofInteractive "place the state" activities




    Test Your Geography
    Interactive Map quizzes on countries, states and cities

    Activities for use on the Interactive Whiteboard for grades K-12 in all subject areas


    Kids Count
    Financial literacy program for elementary students with a set of fun, interactive web-based activities that reinforce key lessons and bring the program to life for students

    interactive games, activities, worksheets, and
    teacher tools that pinpoint essential skills

    designed specifically grades K - 8.


    Texas Senate Kids
    facts about the state of Texas including interactive activities in both Spanish and English


    USA Jigsaw Maps
    4 levels of interactive mapsgames


    Utah Education Network
    Iinteractive Social Studies Games for Grades 3-6