• VIPS Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS)

    What are VIPS?
    VIPS are Volunteers in Public Schools at HISD.  Each year, thousands of parents, students and community partners support HISD students and teachers by volunteering their time.  VIPS represent all economic, ethnic and educational backgrounds.  Our students benefit when we all volunteer!

    How can I become a VIPS?
    All volunteers must register online and pass a criminal history background check before they can participate as a volunteer.  Please follow the steps below to become a VIPS:

    • Register online at www.houstonisd.org, stay on the homepage, click on the VIPS login under the Parents or Community link section.
    • Once you have registered, you must go in person to the school of interest and show proof of identification.
    • Identification information will go into our database for processing by the VISITS Coordinator at each campus.
    • The criminal history background check can take 2-3 weeks to complete.
    • Once you are CLEARED to volunteer, you are eligible to volunteer throughout HISD.

    What types of identification are accepted?

    • Texas Driver’s License
    • Texas Identification Card
    • Driver’s License (issued by any state in the U.S.)
    • Identification Card (issued by any state in the U.S.)
    • Official Passport
    • Official U.S. Military ID
    • Matricula Consular
    • Resident Alien Card

    Please Note:  All ID’s must include a photograph.

    What volunteer opportunities are available?
    VIPS support HISD by providing tutoring, mentoring, chaperones, special events; teacher, library, office and cafeteria assistants and more!

    For more information about volunteering in HISD schools, please contact:

    Tina Thompson
    VIPS Program Administrator
    Houston ISD
    4400 W. 18th Street, Level 3, Southwest
    Houston, TX 77092
    Phone: 713-556-7206Email: tthomps3@houstonisd.org