• The HISD Copy Center offers print-on-demand (POD) service for many popular school-based publications. What is print-on-demand service? Print-on-demand means we don't print it until you order it. POD service is the most effective and efficient method for delivering printed materials to customers. POD eliminates warehousing costs and paper waste associated with mass-produced publications.

    Print-on-demand ordering is quick and easy, and customers will generally receive their orders within three to five days, depending on the delivery method selected. To place an order for any of the POD products listed below, simply e-mail the Customer Service Center and provide the following information:

    Sample Order Information:

    Title or Item Requested:
    Van Hiele Puzzle Book
    30 copies
    Date Needed:
    April 15, 2015
    Budget Information:
    Charge budget: GF1 xx-6295 xxx-99-999 999
    Delivery Location:
    Sample Elementary School
    Contact Name:
    Sam Smith
    Phone Number:
    Delivery Method:
    Rush delivery

    Multiple items may be ordered in the same e-mail; however, you must provide the above information for each item.

    Upon receipt of your e-mail, a customer-service coordinator will process your order and may telephone or e-mail you to discuss and/or clarify the order. After completing the job, Service Center staff will debit your account on the basis of the quantities selected at the advertised price, without additional paperwork.

    POD Products: Model Lessons

    Delivery Information - No-Charge Options

    • Customer pick-up
    • Internal mail bag (size limitation)
    • Route truck delivery (free, but may add as many as five days to completing your order)

    Rush Delivery - Courier: $15
    Customers can call to inquire about the status of their order anytime from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at 713-556-6041.