Organizational Structure

  • Research and Accountability consists of five bureaus each with defined responsibilities.  

    Responsibilities include:
    • Bureau of District Data Analysis develops, publishes, and distributes descriptive and statistical information including school data summaries and special requests.
    • Bureau of Performance Analysis provides expertise, information, modeling, and performance analysis results to district policy makers to facilitate the decision-making process for locally funded programs. Responsible for the coordination of all local, state, and federally funded performance pay models and grants.
    • Bureau of Operations and Data Control designs, prepares, and maintains various data files and computer programs and serve as a data resource for the district, local, state, and federal entities.
    For further information, please contact Research and Accountability at 713-556-6700 or via e-mail at    




  • District Data Analysis
  • Program Evaluations
  • Performance Analysis
  • Operations and Data Control
  • Student Performance and Accountability