• I’d like to welcome you to T. H. Rogers.  My name is Catherine Hipps.  I am teaching all of your children history/social studies.  6th grade is World Culture. 7th grade is Texas history.  8th grade is United States history up to 1877.   I will be using a variety of teaching tools to help your child understand the material associated with each subject.  6th grade World Culture will be joining the 6th grade Vanguard for inclusion when appropriate.  

    Your child will be bringing home some homework. The children will have the answers in their heads or in the material we have read in the book.  We will have or make timelines and pictures to support my questions.  They need to think and answer these questions themselves.

    Attention all RDSPD Eighth Graders

    In the spring, the 8th graders will take the District’s STAAR/STAAR M test in Social Studies.  

    If you have any questions about what your child is learning or any concerns about their history class material, please feel free to contact me through the school at 713-917-3565 or e-mail me at chipps@houstonisd.org and I will return your call quickly.