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    Welcome to Middle School RDSPD. My name is Catherine Hipps-Bonilla.  I am your child’s Social Studies/History teacher.  I am looking forward to working with you and your child this school year.


    The following is a list of supplies that your child will need for their History class this school year.  Please be sure your child has these items no later than Tuesday, September 3, 2013.


    One white 2” binder for 6th —clear plastic insert cover front/back.

    One red or blue 3” binder for 7th —clear plastic insert cover front/back

    One orange 3” binder for 8th —clear plastic insert cover front/back

    Large pen/pencil bag, 10.5x7.5 Mesh or cloth fabric

    Eraser, Pink Bevel

    Pencils (#2 lead)

    Colored map pencils (12)

    Crayola washable markers (20)

    Dividers, tabbed with pockets


    Glue, Elmer’s 7.6oz. (2 bottles)

    Pack of wide ruled paper


     (Homeroom and Gym lockers) 2 combination locks (not all classes)

    Homeroom Kleenex-2 boxes


    I look forward to meeting you at Open House, meetings or at a drop-in visit to the classroom.  Together we can help your child achieve their greatest potential.


    If you ever have any questions or just want to talk about your child, please call me at 713-917-3565 or e-mail me at chipps@houstonisd.org and I will return your call as soon as possible.



    Catherine Hipps-Bonilla


    Queridos padres,

    Bienvenidos a Middle School RDSPD.  Mi nombre es Catherine Hipps-Bonilla.

    Yo voy hacer la maestra de Historia/Sciencia Sociales de su nino/a.  Espero contar con su coperacion para trabajar duro con su nino/a este ano escolar.


    La siguiente lista son los materials que su hijo/a va necesitar en la clase de Historia/Sciencia Sociales.  Porfavor asequrace mandar estos articulos No mas tardar del Martes, 3 de Septiembre del 2013.


    Una carpeta de 2”—blanco por 6th 

    Una Carpeta de 3”-- rojo o asul para 7th

    Una Carpeta de 3”-- naranja para 8th .


    Lapices de mapa-Lapices de colores (12)

    Lapices de Numero 2

    20 Crayola Marcadores de colores diferentes (no permanete) (washable)

    Bolsa de cierre para los lapizes de tela

    Varios juegos de guias separadoras—con magnas

    1 caja de Kleenex

    2 Goma de pegar--Elmers 7.6 oz



    Papel de linea ancha


    2 candados con combination (homeroom y gym fisica)







    Catherine Hipps-Bonilla