• Technology Applications (6th Grade)

    Computer Literacy 1


    Emil Agustin


    Consultation hours: 3:15 PM-3:45 PM Wednesday and Friday (please email me to set it up)

    Computer Lab. Room 223




    Course Synopsis

    Technology Applications(6th) class is a sixth grade class that focuses on 3 of the 6 strands based upon the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS) developed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Research and Information Fluency, Technology Operations and Concepts, and Digital Citizenship, creates a foundation of skills and knowledge that addresses the immediate need for technology skills by 6th grade students in school. The focus on these strands can be applied by engaging the students in a variety of classroom work involving software (i.e. MS Office), exercises/practice, discussions/lectures, and activities meant to give students a solid background for middle school.


    Course Objectives


    By the end of the semester the student will:


    ·         Be able to use research and research concepts to effectively use library or online resources

    ·         Be able to use Word Processing, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and Databases effectively

    ·         Be an effective typist: using form, speed, and accuracy, to efficiently produce work

    ·         Understand the information highway called the internet by demonstrating safe, responsible, legal, and ethical behavior


    Methods of Instruction


    Lectures: Actively listening and participating in class discussions and lectures is important. When experience, point of view, and stock knowledge are combined it creates a fuller understanding of the subject. The student should prepare for class by reading assigned topics.



    Project: Students will develop several high level projects to show both understanding and application. A written prospectus describing projects will be submitted for review and approval.


    Classwork: Students will actively plan, develop, create, and practice in the computer lab. Such everyday work is important for students to have the time necessary to gain skills in Keyboarding, MS Office, HTML, and Multimedia.


    Grading Policy:


    To receive full credit for the course, work must be submitted by the assigned date. While there is a late grade (10% first day, 20% second day, the maximum grade for work late for more than two days is a 70), there is no make-up work unless with prior consent by the teacher.


          Classwork   70%





           Products  30%



    Schedule of Activities:


    1st 9 weeks

                Class expectations, grading policies, Lab requirements

                Keyboarding (initially 3 weeks of intense keyboarding and tapering off to

                     occasional practice towards the end of the semester)
                    Internet (digital citizenship/E-rate Compliance)

                Research basics

                MS Office (Word processing, presentations, spreadsheets)


    2nd 9 weeks

                 Introduction to hardware/software/Operating Systems

                 Introduction to HTML

                 Introduction to Programming (via CS in Science, Project GUTS)

                 Introduction to Multimedia


    More Course Topics



    These are additional lectures/enrichment opportunities for students in Tech class. These are all introduction models.


    1) Hardware/Software

    2) Networking 

    3) The Internet

    4) Programming

    5) Developing Solutions (Software)

    6) Social Media

    7) Web 2.0

    8) Film Making