• Computer classes are run almost the same way as other classes in school:  


       1) You are a scholar.

       2) Keep the computer Lab clean and use the equipment properly

       3) You are responsible for your files/work

       4) You are responsible for keeping tabs on your grades

       5) Don't be late for class

       6) Dont waste time

       7) Choose to behave



          70% of your grade will be from classwork (learning activities)

          30% of your grade will be from projects/portfolio 

     Generic Rubric:

           A - Student plans, develops, creates, and publishes work that is of superior to exceptional quality. Such work is clearly of excellent quality and reflects the amount of time and effort needed to create it.

          B - The student submits work that accurately follows the instructions. Such work is complete, on time, and free of defects.

          C -  The student submits work that is of sub par quality. Work of this nature tends to be those that the student does just to submit something without thought of improvement.

          D -  Commonly a late work. Students ignore the deadlines given and turn in work just to submit something.

          F -  Many reasons contribute to an F : students don't do work, students don't turn in work, student misbehaves and/or cause others not to turn in work..


              HISD Code of conduct (2019-20)