• Grade Level


    Lunch Schedule



    Ms. J. Sterling

    Mr. S. Jackson





    PreK & Kindergarten

    Ms. A. Wiltz

    Mrs. C. Grant

    Ms. D. Pope

    Ms. Baker Henderson

    Mrs. S. Franklin


    10:00- 10:30


    1st Grade


    Mrs. B. Presley

    Ms. J. Baxter

    Ms. C. Hardeman



    5th Grade

    Mrs. P. Whiteside

    Dr. F. Gillum

    Mrs. R. Hickerson



    2nd Grade

    Ms. R. Bradford

    Ms. S. Rivers

    Ms. S. Williams



    3rd Grade

    Ms. J. Dobbins

    Mrs. J. Linsey

    Ms. F. Thompson



    4th Grade

    Ms. T. Rivers

    Ms. L. Perkins

    Ms. R. Anderson




      The state of Texas specifies:

      A classroom teacher, defined in Section 5.001 of the Education Code as an educator who teaches an    
      average of four hours a day, is entitled to 450 minutes in each two-week period for planning and in
      blocks of not less than 45 minutes. Educators who teach less than an average of four hours a day are
      not entitled to a planning and preparation period under
    Section 21.404 of the Education Code.
      Planning and preparation periods are typically 45 minutes every day or 90 minutes every other day.

      Teachers are also mandated to receive a thirty minute duty-free lunch.