• Your student uses a software program called Renaissance Place at school for the Accelerated Reader program. Renaissance has a special feature called Renaissance Home Connect, which your child and you can access outside of school from any computer with an internet connection. Renaissance Home Connect is fun and easy to use.

    Remember: Quizzes can ONLY be taken at school.  Click here to log in to take quizzes at school.

    Accelerated Reader Home Connect

     Renaissance Home Connect is a fun, easy-to-use, easy-to-understand web-based interface that allows your child(ren), you, and the teacher to share in the educational experience by viewing progress in certain Renaissance Place programs like Accelerated Reader while outside of school.  Parents can log in to Renaissance Home Connect from any computer with an Internet connection and compatible browser. 

    System Requirements for Renaissance Home Connect


    You may log in to Renaissance Home Connect on your computer running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 using one of these browsers:

    • Internet Explorer 10.x 11.x
    • Firefox - five most recent versions
    • Chrome - five most recent versions

    Note: Internet Explorer in the Windows 8.x UI and the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10 are not supported.


    You may log in to Renaissance Home Connect on your computer running Macintosh OS X version 10.9 or later using one of these browsers:

    • Safari 7 and later
    • Firefox - five most recent versions
    • Chrome - five most recent versions

    Mobile Devices

    Renaissance Home Connect can be accessed using a web browser on tablets 7 inches or larger. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 11, the five most recent versions of Firefox and Chrome, Safari 7 and later, and Silk on Kindle Fire HD. First-generation iPads are not supported and devices running versions of Android older than 4.1 (pre-Jelly Bean) are not supported. Tablets with resolutions below 2,048 x 1,536 may require scrolling to see the entire interface.

    To Access Renaissance Home Connect Website:

    CLICK THIS LINK https://Hosted1.renlearn.com/230869/HomeConnect/Login.aspx

    You will need your child’s username and password. Generally the username is the same as their student ID.  The children should know their passwords.

     In Renaissance Home Connect you can also:

    • Click Email Setup to sign up to receive emails showing your student's quiz or test results (If you'd like to receive emails showing your student's quiz or test results, click the Email Setup link in Renaissance Home Connect and follow the directions. To be sure these emails reach your inbox, add homeconnectautodelivery@renlearnrp.com to your address book.)


    Important Dates to Remember

    Make sure to get ALL your required AR points before each 9 week period cut off date.

    If you are struggling to find books that your child is interested in please talk to your child's reading teacher for suggestions.