• All Technology Applications classes will have Internet Safety embedded on them. That means each student will have the following topics as a classroom activity at least twice. Every year each student will undergo I-Safety content (also for E-Rate compliance) lessons/training. (Same content but adjusted for age) 

    Resources used in class
        CommonSense (K2-12)
       Netkids (for younger students)
       Brainpop (resource includes Cyberbullying, Digital Etiquette, and Online Safety)(See me for login password-Mr. Agustin)
       NS Teens (early teens 7th and 8th grade)
       FBI (A parent's guide to Internet Safety)  

    Personal Safety(Online Safety)

              * Your email and you   (2nd week of September)
              * How personal information works
              * Your smartphone (Parent guide to smartphones) (4th week of september)
    Cyber Bullying
              * You're a baddie! (2nd week of October)
              * Elements of Cyberbullying

    Appropriate Online Behavior
              * I know you, you know me (2nd week of November)
              * Hey what is "online etiquette"?
    Social Networking
              *Hello ? Is it me you're looking for? (4th week of November)
    Cyber Predator Identification

    Cyber Security

              * Personal Information    
              * Viruses, Worms, and Trojans (Part of the Hardware/Software series of lectures/discussions) (around November)

     Intellectual Property

              *MLA (How to cite)
              *Research Basics (3rd week of September-2nd week of October)
                     - What is Plagiarism?
                     - So what is it exactly?



    Videos: (these are meant for parents and their children to view them together, downloaded from HISD as a zipped file playable as videos)

                  Personal Safety (grades 6,7)


                                     Soccer Girl

                                     Christina Long


                     Social Networking (grades7,8)

                                      Social Networking

                                      Pool Party

                                      The Chills

                      Cyberbullying (grades6-8)

                                      Cyber Bullying

                                      The Cyber Bully


    Note:  The videos above are teacher resources made available via the HISD site.  I personally find it very informative for parents as well. Kindly email me if you find the videos innapropriate in this page.