The 2017-18 Waltrip Boys Soccer Team had a impressive record of 15-3-1.  We went to the 4th round of the UIL playoffs (Elite 8). Only 2 teams in Houston Independent School District made it to the UIL Elite 8 Playoffs. Our program prides itself on teaching our players to have high character and an emphasis on academics. Last year the Valedictorian at Waltrip High school was Juan Garcia who was a member of the Boys Soccer team. He’s currently a student at the University of Texas in Austin. All of our seniors graduated on time and are currently attending various colleges around the state including University of Texas, University of Houston, University of Incarnate Word, Texas Southern University, and HCC.


    We welcome family members, boosters, and students to join our family of success.



    Michael Campora


    2017/18 Waltrip Boys Soccer Team